Acne is a prevalent skin condition that affects most people at some point in their lives. It can show up as spots, oily skin and sometimes scarring. The face is most commonly affected , however other areas such as the back and the chest are prone to it. The different spots include:
Blackheads (small black spots on the skin)
Whiteheads (small spots that don’t empty when squeezed)
Papules (small red bumps that are sore)
Pustules (similar to papules, but filled with pus)
Nodules (hard, painful lumps beneath the skin)
Cyst (the most severe type can look like boils and cause scarring)

The consultation will involve full assessment of your acne and any recommendations are made, taking into consideration your general health. The treatments include prescription creams ,medications, ZO medical range, Obagi acne skin peels,
Fractora (radio frequency facial rejuvenation) for acne spots and scarring, Celluma R LED phototherapy
Spot injection for active acne

The follow up will be assessed on a regular basis .