All Your Queries About Mole Removal Treatment Have Been Answered

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All Your Queries About Mole Removal Treatment Have Been Answered


For someone not aware of the term yet, a mole is a dark spot or irregularity found in the skin. A majority of the people with a pesky mole on their cheeks want to get rid of it with a minimal scar. Though there are numerous cosmetic surgeons scattered all over Sussex to help you with the procedure, make sure that the one you are approaching is reliable and experienced. This will give you the assurance that they will choose a suitable surgical method to remove or treat it.

queries about mole removal treatment

There are generally two surgical methods through which a mole is removed. They are shave removal and excision. Choosing one will become easier for you if all your queries about mole removal are answered.

Thinking About Mole Removal Treatment? 5 Common Queries Have Been Answered Below

  • How Can I Minimise The Scar?

Though getting a scar after a mole removal surgery is quite common, the right professional performing it can share with you a few tips to minimise the result. They might suggest you to leave the treated area uncovered for atleast a week after the surgery is performed and treat the specific area with an ointment. It is your responsibility to follow their instructions carefully.

  • How Much Do Have To Pay For The Treatment?

The cost of the mole removal treatment is completely dependent on the mole, the type of removal you are opting for, the complexity of the surgery and the skin clinic you are approaching for the treatment. Though the bill won’t punch a hole in your pocket, ensure that the dermatologist is knowledgeable and experienced.

  • Can I Try A DIY And Remove The Mole?

Have a talk with any professional and they will suggest you never to try a mole removal at home as the surgery requires a lot of experience and skill. Not only is the procedure unsafe but can also lead to terrible infection and scarring. Even if you find a few DIY videos online, keeping the duct tape inside the drawer and visiting a professional offering mole removal surgery is always a wiser decision.

  • Can I Remove The Mole By Excision?

Whether you can remove the mole by excision or not is completely dependent on its colour and size. The best is to approach a dermatologist offering mole removal treatment and let them examine the mole. They will perform a shave excision using a scalpel only if it is suitable. As far as the visible remaining scar is concerned, the result can be minimised using laser treatment.

  • From Which Professional Should I Get My Mole Removed?

There are generally two professionals who can successfully remove a mole. They are the plastic surgeon and the dermatologist. Though both of them are qualified enough to remove the mole from your skin, approaching a plastic surgeon is suggested if you want to keep the scar minimum after the surgery.

Since all your queries have been answered, it’s time you start looking for a reliable skin clinic offering the treatment at affordable prices.

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