Approaching a Sussex Skin Clinic? Solve These Common Skin Care Myths

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Approaching a Sussex Skin Clinic? Solve These Common Skin Care Myths

Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is a must if you don’t want to develop things like acne, fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, the skin as an organ acts as a protective barrier for our body from the rest of the world.

Though there are numerous dermatologists scattered all over Sussex, a few myths about skin care are still prevalent. This is primarily because people are too reluctant to visit a renowned skin clinic and get the true facts about skin care. These beauty fables make it hard for people to take proper care of their skin which deteriorates their condition even further.

4 Common Myths About Skin Care Overruled By Dermatologists In Sussex

  • “Pores Open When Hot Water Is Used”

Every dermatologist in Sussex is aware that the pores in our skin are not sensitive to temperature and so hot water or air can’t open them. The top layer of the skin might swell when hot water is used and gives the impression of the pores being open. It is always advisable to use lukewarm water instead of hot water when washing your skin.

  • “You Can Wash Your Face As Much You Wash”

Though washing your face can help you to get rid of the loose dust, washing them too often can make them irritated, sensitive and dry. You should choose the face cleanser wisely and ensure that they are sulphate-free as these chemicals can take away the natural oils from your skin. Harshly rubbing your skin should also be avoided.

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  • “Sunscreen Isn’t Necessary If The Weather Is Cloudy”

In Sussex, a skin clinic is the ideal place for you to be if you want to know whether this is a truth or a misconception. Since harmful radiation can reach the earth’s surface even when the weather is cloudy, using sunscreen everyday is a must. Even if the makeup you are wearing has SPF, use a dedicated Sunscreen suggested by your dermatologist.

  • “Anti-Ageing Products Should Be Used Only After You Are 30”

Not everyone is aware of the fact that a majority of the anti-ageing products containing antioxidants can be used from the age of 21. In fact, the earlier you start using them, you can yield better results. Have a talk with the dermatologist first and they will let you know which anti-ageing product will suit your skin the best.

Since these common myths about skin care have now been explained by an experienced dermatologist, start looking for the best skin clinic in your area.

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