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Ageing is a major concern among women. However, researchers are constantly delving into the matter to come up with treatments that will help women look younger and graceful. With an aim to reverse the adverse effects of ageing and to fix the appearance of individuals, a primary treatment has arrived. Dermal fillers are considered most effective in correcting volume loss, folds and wrinkles which start appearing soon after a woman crosses her thirties.

An Insight into Dermal Fillers and How They Help Bring a Younger Look 

The bitter truth is that even if we try to hold on to our youth, the same doesn’t happen because of biological factors. The human body grows old with age. However certain treatments help gain control over ageing factors. Dermal fillers are an excellent way of controlling your appearance. You can consult a reliable dermatologist in Sussex and Worthing if you are really looking forward to restoring your youthfulness. Wrinkling and folds are common. Dermal fillers help smoothen such unevenness and this brings upon a youthful appearance. Sussex and Worthing are two key locations where you can find clinics offering skin treatments which assure to reverse ageing factors.

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Areas of Treatment 

Dermal fillers are injected in certain areas of the body. They help slow down wrinkling. Fillers are effective in smoothening up the skin of a particular part which starts to age faster. Some of these facial locations have been discussed below:

Cheeks: Yes! Of course, cheeks tend to get deflated faster and hence they sink abruptly leading to loss of volume. Dermal fillers help add volume to cheeks, this redefines the cheekbones and restores beauty of the face.

Lips: The lips play an important role in enhancing facial appearance. However, with age, they tend to shrink and become thinner. Dermal fillers help add to the volume of lips and smooth any wrinkles around the area.

Marionette lines: the first thing that defines ageing is fine lines which appear on the facial skin. They can be treated with fillers.

Mouth corner: smile lines become redefined with age. Fillers can help smoothen up such wrinkles around the corner of the mouth.

Jaw-line: when the jaws are angular they create an overtly pointed look for the face. In order to soften the lines, cosmetic surgeons frequently inject fillers, adding to the youthfulness of the face.

Nasolabial folds: Your face starts showing up folds and lines at the junction where the nose bottom meets the mouth corner. Dermal fillers can smoothen up these lines and replenishes the youthful look.

The dermal filler mostly comprises hyaluronic acid. It is available in gel form and is injected by experienced practitioners. The best part is that it doesn’t hurt at all.

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