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Wrinkle Reduction Treatment- Crafting Beauty with Precision

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Botulinum toxin, widely recognised for its muscle-relaxing properties, is commonly used in various medical specialities. It has found a firm place in aesthetic medicine in the treatment of ageing lines. Marketed as Botox, Bocouture and Azzalure, it is commonly referred to as Botox. AureumSkin delivers Botox treatment, combining science and art to create aesthetic brilliance. Our treatment works with your anatomy to enhance the aesthetic effects.

Botulinum toxin temporarily paralyses the targeted muscles to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The therapy has grown in popularity because of its ability to smooth facial wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. At our Botox clinic, we have mastered the art of anti-wrinkle injections, using MHRA-approved products from reputable pharmacies and a thorough grasp of facial structure to provide results that far exceed expectations.


Our Treatments

  • Forehead and Frown line

Forehead lines and frown lines, or No:11s as some clients call them, can add age to your appearance. Botox helps remove frown lines, enhancing the appearance of the skin. The area and the dose of treatment are based on the thickness of the muscle and the layout of its anatomy, which is specific to you. It also takes into consideration the client’s preference for the degree of residual movement in the treated area.

  • Crow’s Feet

These are lines around your eyes caused by the overactivity of the muscle orbicularis oculi. Crow’s feet can be a cause of distress to a lot of people as it makes them look older  Botulinum toxin helps to smoothen these lines effectively.

  • Smokers Mouth

Fine lines around the mouth, called Smoker’s lines or lip lines, can be a cause of aesthetic concern for clients. Botox treatments target these fine lines around the mouth, softening their appearance and restoring a more youthful contour. Treatment in the area has to be a delicate balance as the dose administered should be enough to treat the lines but not cause any functional disruption in this area of dynamic muscle activity. The experience and skill of the practitioner play a pivotal role in this. Discover the transformative benefits of Botox in worthing, where your results are natural.

  • Neck Bands

Neck bands, frequently linked with age lines, can be a cause of self-consciousness for many. We offer Botox treatments as one of the many options to address neck bands, providing a non-invasive solution to a more sculpted and youthful neck profile. The Botox treatment prices vary to accommodate individual needs based on the dose. Visit our clinic for Botox to enquire whether this treatment option would suit you.

  • Nefertiti Lift

Named after the Egyptian queen, this treatment helps to contour the neck and lower jaw to regain the smooth contour of the lower jaw. The procedure entails precisely administering several botulinum toxin injections to the muscle beneath the jaw. It makes the upper facial muscles naturally strengthen; they elevate the entire face, creating a lifted appearance and refining the graceful contours of the jawline.

Why Choose Us for Toxin Treatment?

  • Highly qualified doctors who are registered with the GMC.
  • A reputed cosmetic clinic which offers exceptional patient care.
  • A diligent team of dermatologists who boast vast expertise in treatments
  • A leading clinic which offers free top up to patients, if necessary during their follow up visits.
  • Doctors who can explain clearly the treatment procedures and answer all of your questions.
  • Experts who use the safest treatment procedures and highest quality products.

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