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Skin Peels

Chemical Peel and Facial Skin Peel Treatment in Worthing, East Grinstead and Sussex

Dealing with the issue of ageing skin has become easier with Aureum Skin by your side. We have years of experience in offering bespoke skin peels that minimise the visible surface trauma on the skin. A wide range of anti-ageing superficial chemical skin peels are offered to our clients.

A consultation with our doctor will help you choose which peel best suits your requirements and desired outcome. Skin-friendly enzymes and acids are used during the treatment which exfoliates the upper layer of the epidermis and reveals youthful, clearer, and fresher skin beneath the surface.

What Makes Our Cosmetic Clinic in Reigate & Worthing Different

We adopt the most advanced treatment procedures approved by skin experts all over the world to treat skin conditions which will transform the look and feel of your skin. Only fresh ingredients and natural acids are used to exfoliate your skin deeply and brighten without harming it. Our doctor will study your skin type, condition, and tone plus discuss your desired results before recommending a skin peel treatment that will help you achieve maximum results.

Why Choose a Cosmetic Skin Peel?

The epidermis, otherwise known as surface skin, is made up of several layers. As new cells form at the bottom skin layer, the layer on the surface starts shedding as invisible flakes. As we grow older, the epidermis becomes thinner and the tissues beneath it lose firmness. This is what causes ageing skin to sag and fine lines form very easily. The thickness of the uppermost layer of the epidermis can also increase if exposed to the sun for a longer period of time. One of the most convenient and affordable ways to deal with these issues is to choose a Cosmetic Skin Peel.

Will a Cosmetic Skin Peel Work for Me?

Each and every client visiting our cosmetic skin peel treatment clinic Reigate and Worthing have praised us widely for offering high-quality superficial peels and creating excellent results. The basic purpose of our peels is to remove the top layers of damaged skin quickly and stimulate the cells underneath into regeneration. They are particularly effective to treat issues like,

  • Enlarged pores
  • Rough, dry, and flaky skin
  • Pigment disorders like age spots, excessive pigmentation, and freckling.

Minimising Complications And Side Effects

We value our amazing reputation earned through years of work and study. We will always work to best practice and maintain our reputation by minimising the complications and side effects of skin peel treatments. In some circumstances, you could face issues like skin irritation, skin reddening, itching, flaking or burning after the first application. These will fade in a short space of time. As the top layer of the skin starts peeling, the side effects and complications will vanish and you will get a skin surface which is firmer, fresher, smoother, healthier and has less visible fine lines.

Why Approach Us For Skin Peel Treatments?

  • Complete focus on establishing a long-term relationship with every client wanting to discuss a Skin Peel in Worthing.
  • Offer honest and professional advice that puts you first all the way through the process.
  • All our doctors are fully registered with the GMC and use the safest procedures and highest quality products.
  • Offer aftercare services at the most affordable prices

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