Find These Effective Ways to Reverse Acne Outbreaks

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Find These Effective Ways to Reverse Acne Outbreaks 

Though considered a common problem among teenagers, acne can occur even in adulthood due to hormonal fluctuation. Pimple break-outs can occur among women even when they think they have already passed through their adolescent phase. You can consult a dermatologist in Sussex or find a cure yourself. Yes! You can handle these pimple breakouts yourself.

Picking on acne, a big no: Sometimes you feel dreadful when you look at your face and find it covered with acne. At this point of time, you will grow a tendency to squeeze out the acne heads little knowing that these pick-outs can damage your skin permanently. Yes! Squeezing can lead to permanent pigmentation marks and even scarring. Acne mostly occurs when there is a build-up of natural oils, dead-skin, dirt and bacteria which clog the pores of the skin.

Dermatologist Sussex

Sometimes they turn into cystic acne which has its roots deep down in the skin. This will, however, demand expert intervention. Hence, visiting a dermatologist in Worthing becomes necessary.

Apply sensitive products: You can be acne prone and this can further lead to problems causing damage to your skin. So, before you apply make-up and daily cosmetic products, learn which may trigger acne breakout and which may not lead to such skin issue. For best results, you can use products which are oil-free or mainly water-based. Some products can clog pores. It is important that you consult a dermatologist in Sussex if you need intense treatment. Only experts can prescribe the best skin sensitive products for you.

Check on your birth-control pills: If you are having doubts then hear it from us. Most acne outbreaks occur due to hormonal fluctuations in the body. Women are more prone to such fluctuation than men. Hence they face greater risk of acne outbreak. Sometimes contraceptive pills lead to skin irritation and disorders. You can ask your doctor for any alternative medication.

Low fat food: That’s right low fat foods contribute to acne and if you are still consuming them, stop. These foods trigger oil secretion resulting in acne. Whole grains which are digested well should be chosen. Consult your nearest dermatologist in Sussex to find a perfect cure.

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