Effective Skin Pigmentation in Reigate

There is no lie in the fact that as we become older, our skin starts to age as well. Moreover, our physical and emotional health along with the lifestyle we lead, contribute to our skin health. Each one of us wants to look beautiful with radiant and refreshed skin. However, skin pigmentation often disrupts our skin health. It can sometimes turn out to be a major cause of concern. Skin pigmentation can either be lighter or darker and sometimes a combination of both. In order to effectively address such issues, Aureum Skin Clinic has come up with skin pigmentation treatment in Reigate where our team of dermatologists will sensitively handle such issue.

Our team of specialists will firstly evaluate the factors behind pigmentation problem before addressing the issue with proper skin pigmentation treatment in Reigate. The pigments are mainly produced by cells present in the epidermis. Also, there are numerous factors which lead to such uneven colouring of the skin. We offer a variety of skin pigmentation treatments in Reigate which completely depend upon individual skin colour.

Excessive pigmentation especially involving the face can cause a lot of anxiety.
Causes may include:

  • Hormonal imbalance of pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Sun damage
  • Genetic
  • Racial
  • General medical illness

Having made sure that there are no treatable medical causes, we help you keep the pigmentation under control. Various treatments options are prescription skin products like Obagi nuDerm, mesotherapy and skin peels.