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Beauty lies with how clearer and smooth your skin appears rather than the make-up you put on. When you make an efforts to enhance your skin’s texture and complexion, a difference will be noticed with in a few weeks or months. Sometimes changing your old habits can help you attain a better skin texture and tone. Irrespective of whether it’s the ageing factor that’s disturbing you or acne problems which may be taking its toll on the texture of your skin, a natural regimen can be followed to acquire a remarkable difference. Consider speaking to a Sussex skin clinic expert who will be able to advice you on procedures to enhance your looks. Follow these natural steps:

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Water: You will be surprised to learn that soft water is not always helpful in driving away the impurities that settle on your skin. Under such circumstances using a face cleanser. Meanwhile, using hard water is not recommended, as it doesn’t allow much foaming, resulting in you having to use more soap or cleanser. Further this can prompt your skin to become dry. Non-soap formulas are recommended.

Drinking green tea: Green tea is known to have anti-inflammatory effects. Sometimes your complexion may turn reddish or blotchy. Green tea can effectively solve the issue. You get the best results once you sip iced green tea which can greatly reduce collagen destruction that further leads to ageing of the skin.

Don’t stress: It has been proven that stress can damage several parts of the body, including the skin. Researches have shown that people who undergo stress too often are prone to face acne breakouts. Cortisol, a major hormone leading to oil secretion in the skin. This can be controlled when you reduce stress. Hence experts from a Worthing skin clinic may recommend you to practice stress management, meditation or deep breathing, can also help you to relax.

Improve air quality: Smokey environments can affect your skin. Avoid such smoky environs as they may trigger free radicals to be released, causing skin damage. Sometimes indoor pollutants are greatly responsible for skin wrinkling and fine lines. Freckles too become common issue when you are exposed to polluted air. A possible way to avoid such situations is to frequently replace or clean air filter. If you cook too much of oily food, adjust the fan to a desired position. Sometimes, when the indoor air gets dry the skin’s moisture level decreases causing fine lines to appear.

Watch out for sun exposure: The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin as it penetrates into the inner layers and causes freckles and wrinkles to appear. In order to avoid excessive exposure to UV rays, experts recommend sun screen lotion which can reverse the effect.

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