Thread Lift, a Quicker and Effective Way to Return to Youth

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Thread lifting is a common cosmetic procedure under aesthetic medicine. It can take an hour or less to perform the procedure.  Also, thread lifting is popular among people who do not want to go under the knife to look absolutely young. It is a painless procedure and is known to have lower side effects. Thread lifting is also chosen over other cosmetic procedures because it involves minimal recovery time. Unlike the conventional facelift procedure, today’s thread lift is relatively simpler and can instantly make a person look more youthful.

Get useful insights into thread lift

When it comes to comparing the benefits of thread lift and Botox performed at a Sussex skin clinic, the former is likely to win the confidence of people who like to look younger for a longer span. The results of the thread lift are known to last long. Meanwhile, Botox is a procedure which only offers temporary benefits. Even the effects of dermal fillers don’t last long.

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What you should know about thread-lift

When you visit a Worthing skin clinic for a thread lift procedure, the dermatologist will firstly inform you about the medical term. It involves usage of an implantable thread used for a surgical purpose. The thread lifts the skin which has sagged down. Sagging can happen in any area of the face which may include the following:

  • Eyebrows
  • Forehead
  • Mid face
  • Neck

Even the skin around the corners of the eyes can sag down considerably. Other areas include the forearm, laugh lines and the abdomen. These areas are most prone to wrinkling or sagging which can be reversed with the help of thread lifting performed by a specialist from a Sussex skin clinic.

During the procedure the expert will first create a small notch right behind the following areas:

  • Hairline
  • Ears

This is followed by placement of threads in pre-planned and strategic ways. The threads are then stitched along the outlines. These special threads comprise finer filaments which are meant to connect with the tissue and smoothen up the area for a completely natural and youthful look. As the body starts producing newer skin cells the filament gets surrounded with them. A thread lift is an effective way to reduce wrinkles. The following are benefits derived from thread lift:

  • Allows the facial contour to become more defined
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Allows the skin to become firmer
  • Allows a person to achieve youthful looks
  • A quicker and effective way of reversing the effects of ageing

Consult a Worthing skin clinic to learn more on thread lift and how it can reverse ageing effects.

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