Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation

A groundbreaking non surgical treatment to restore vaginal laxity.

Dr Santhosh uses a revolutionary radio frequency tool to tighten the vaginal canal. This treatment is designed to dramatically improve blood flow, sexual arousel, increased sensation and even the appearance of the vagina.

The tailor made treatment is a painless and non surgical alternative which delivers impressive results in returning a woman’s youthfulness and confidence for heightened sexual pleasure.

It is also an effective treatment post childbirth and can even improve mild to moderate cases of stress incontinence.

Dr Santhosh is committed to client confidentiality and offers a sensitive bedside manner at all times.

Contact Dr Santhosh for a no obligation discussion about your requirements and to book a consultation.

Radiofreq votive

Radiofrequency energy has been used successfully for years on the skin to lift firm and tighten. It delivers controlled energy to break up the collagen and stimulate the re synthses thus improving the strength and firmness of the tissue. Votiva is a new treatment which uses this principle to deliver radiofrequency energy and thus improve the laxity and thus strength of the vaginal wall.

How soon can I see results?

It offers immediate results which continue to improve over time.

Is it painful?

The procedure is painless and non invasive with no down time.

Who can benefit?

As a GP interested in women’s health, I see a lot of women suffer from issues ‘down below’. This could be due to childbirth, menopause or just natural ageing.

Who could benefit from Votiva treatment?

  • Women wanting to boost already healthy sexual life
  • Low levels of sexual interest
  • Low pelvic floor strength or muscle tone
  • Elasticity
  • Low blood flow
  • Low sensitivity
  • Pain (where other medical causes have been excluded)

How long does it take ?

The treatment will be administered after comprehensive history taking and assessing the eligibility.It does not take more than 30 minutes.

How often do I need it?

One treatment gives good results but it can be reinforced by regularly treatments every year or sooner.


  • I don’t have to be as conscious about getting when I have to empty my bladder. Votiva turned the clock back atleast 20 years. My quality of life has improved dramatically.

    Jan 59 yrs old
  • If you would like to talk about sexual dysfunction: “Before Votiva it was hard for me to really enjoy being intimate. I simply didn’t feel a lot. After I had Votiva, I was more sensitive and was fulfilled every single time. Both me and my partner can notice the difference and we are both thrilled.

    Theresa 47 years