Why Should You Opt For Pigmentation Removal treatment In Winter?

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Why Should You Opt For Pigmentation Removal treatment In Winter?

Have you been suffering from dark spots or age spots on your skin lately? Do you feel your freckles are impacting your self-esteem? With winter fast approaching, are you wondering about how to get flawless and pigment-free skin? Fret not. All you need to do is look for pigmentation removal treatment from the best cosmetic surgery clinic!

Pigments often seem like brown patches on your face, hands, shoulders and neck. In fact, depending on the trigger elements which cause it to happen, pigments can occur anywhere on your body. While exposure to the sun is considered as the main contributor to pigmentation, it may affect people for various reasons like damaged skin, hormones and hereditary conditions. And, getting pigmentation removal treatment can be the ideal way to ensure a pigment-free skin.

Wondering what makes opting for pigmentation removal treatment so beneficial? Read on.

pigmentation removal treatment

What Are The Various Types Of Pigmentation?

Pigmentation in the skin can appear in various types. These are as follows-

  • In the form of one or multiple freckles.
  • In the form of ‘age spots’, ‘sun spots’ and ‘liver spots’ which are caused by exposure to sun.
  • Popularly known as ‘pregnancy mask’. Melasma is caused by hormonal changes and the pigments caused during this phase sit deeper in the skin.

Benefits of Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Some of the key benefits you can reap by opting for a pigmentation removal treatment are-

  • Completely treats the facial and body areas
  • Eliminates and minimises the appearance of pigmentation
  • Minimal recovery time and side effects
  • Ability to wear make-up even after treatment

How To Determine If Your Skin Is Suitable For Laser Pigmentation Removal?

There are numerous triggers which determine how pigments are produced, released and then carried through varying types of skin. Experts determine the suitability of skin depending on the skin colour. When you visit the expert during the pre-treatment consultation, you will be able to establish a treatment procedure which is best suited to your skin.

What To Consider Before Undergoing The Treatment?

To prepare you for the pigmentation removal session, your dermatologist will provide you with every vital piece of information. Some vital aspects you must keep in mind are-

  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun for at least four weeks before undergoing the treatment
  • Prepare your skin with the recommended treatment serums which have been formulated to kick-start the pigmentation fighting process.
  • Never wax the area to be treated or apply fake tan in that area in the two weeks before undergoing the treatment.

Time to book a consultation and discuss pigmentation removal with an experienced DR? Contact us.

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